Are Bananas bad for you?

April 2, 2014

I actually got asked this question this week.

Are you kidding me?

How on earth did we get to the stage when people are questioning the benefits of fruit?

Another personal trainer apparently told a female in our gym that fruit is bad for you and that bananas in particular were to be avoided.

“Sugar is bad for you after all.”

Hang on.

A personal trainer told someone that bananas are bad for you?


I’m sorry, I don’t like being disparaging about other trainers, but it’s warranted in this case.

Especially because the PT in question is someone who drinks five pints of beer, coupled with a burger to keep it all down on a Friday night.  True story.

It’s very poor advice.

How does that even work?

How is it, that at the end of someone’s fifth training session of the week, whose diet is not ‘on point’ in the first place, I find myself trying to reassure them that fruit won’t make them fat?

It baffles me.

Presumably it’s a spin-off from the recent negative press around fructose and sugar.

Most of which is utter nonsense.

Too much of anything is not good for you.  Which would include fructose if it made up half of your diet.  Not that anyone is ever likely to do that anyway.

Or is it an anti-carbohydrate thing?

Surely not, given that we’re training five to six times per week.  And for performance, not fat loss.

Presumably someone training five times per week isn’t on a low carb diet?  No one would do that, surely?

Let’s assume not, and make a very conservative estimate and assume that they are eating 100g of carbs daily

A banana contains broadly 25g of carbs.

Can I fit this into my nutritional quota for the day?  Certainly.  Even on these very low estimates.

Are bananas bad for me?

No chance.