Can I drink OJ?

March 29, 2014

If you’re asking if fruit juice constitutes ‘good for you’ then my answer would be, ‘it depends’.

People very often grossly underestimate how many calories they get from drinks.  How many calories full stop, but milk, juice, soft drinks, sports drinks and alcohol are all implicated.

The real question is whether or not the nutritional profile that the juice brings with it fits in with your broader dietary requirements.  Do you need it?  And can you fit it in as part of your overall diet?

For most people, the answer to this is probably no.  The sugar hit is too much given their activity levels and overall requirements.  And even if it were in keeping, you could probably get more nutritional bang or your buck from other sources.

And what it as that you’re actually drinking?

Is it freshly squeezed juice fruit juice or is it a ‘fruit flavored’ drink?  You know, the pseudo fruit juice that has little or no fruit in and could more aptly be called ‘fruit flavored sugar water’?

True story.

Many fruit juices contain very little fruit.

I’d stick my neck out and say that it probably couldn’t be considered a ‘health food’ and would be best not used as a staple in most people’s diets.

I’m certainly not the fructose police, and I’m not suggesting that you should never enjoy orange juice, but I wouldn’t necessarily make it a staple.

Most people would probably be better off without fruit juice in their diet.

Eat fruit whole would be my suggestion.