Do what makes you happy.

December 19, 2013

I make conscious choices to do the things that I like doing.  There is of course the odd thing that I would gladly go without that needs to get done, but in the main I like most of what I do.

Training and conscious eating happen to be two things that I like doing.  Believing wholeheartedly in the benefits of both I try and influence my family to embrace both also.  In fact, I’ve decided to make a living out of trying to influence people for the better in this area.

Anyway, my particular interests are by the by.  The point is that people should do the things that they enjoy.  For me, it’s about managing the bits I’m less fond of, finding ways to do less of these so that I can focus of the more sexy stuff.

The same applies to training and nutrition.  One should do what one enjoys.  I can’t tell you the amount of people that used to come into my gym moaning and groaning about not wanting to do x, y and z.  Why come?  There are lots of choices and other ways to got about getting and staying in shape, why are you putting us both through this ordeal?

If we accept that we need to stay ‘fit’ and we need to eat with degree of restraint, and that this is a lifetime commitment,  the trick must be to find a way of doing it that isn’t a chore.  The very worst of programmes done consistently will almost certainly yield greater results than the best programme done sporadically.

Do what makes you happy.

Just so long as it involves strength training and some challenging cardio.

I jest.

Sort of…