Fat Loss Training is Tough

June 16, 2011

I’ve developed a reputation for getting fat loss results.  And I can honestly sat that my clients see better results, faster.  Why?  Two reasons.  One, my programs work.  And two, I’m very clear up front about what it takes.

My programs work because a). I understand the science of fat loss, b). I’ve had literally thousands of hours of experience of coaching people, and c). I’ve actually done it for myself.  (You cannot write a successful training program if you don’t now your stuff and have not put your stuff into practice).

But before I get into a program with anyone, I’m always very clear about what it’s going to take.  Fat loss is tough.  It goes against our genetic blueprint and it requires time, patience and a large amount of self-control.  Not three things that most of us are blessed with.

Let’s be clear.  Any fat loss program requires a minimum of three sessions per week.  (More, if you’re working to short timescales).  Following a very clean nutritional program, you may well see results with two initially, but in the long run it’s going to take three.  Three full body programs that tax both the muscular and cardiovascular system.

And these sessions need to be tough.  It’s not that I’m a knuckle-dragging-neanderthal-halfwit.  Far from it.  But this is the reality.  Running requires efficiency.  As does strength and power training.  You need to get more efficient, or ‘better’, at running or lifting to improve.  Fat loss (and muscle building) is the opposite.

From a training perspective, the key to fat loss is systemic disturbance.  We want inefficiency.  (Hence why traditional cardio is not the best choice).  The body needs to be subjected to things that cause it to adapt.  In short, we need to give the body a forceful ‘shake’, and we need to do it regularly.

Nutritionally, calories, carbs, fat and protein are of course important.  But other things need to be considered.  Insulin.  Likely insulin sensitivity issues often means a low carb nutritional phase…..excited about the prospect of excluding bread and pasta?   Digestion.  Compromised digestion often means a gut health program…..keen to address intolerances and cut out out some of your favourite foods?  Estrogen.  Abundance of estrogen and we’re looking at a liver detox…..fancy being the designated driver?  And so on.

The long and short of it is that fat loss isn’t easy.  If it were we’d all be lean and I’d be doing something else.  But it’s very doable.  It takes regular commitment to exercise, nutritional self control, and it takes patience (it might not happen over night).  Most programs fail because people don’t buy into this from the outset.

Be clear about what a it is you want to achieve, set your timescales, formulate a program, and stick to it.  It won’t be easy.  But it’s very doable.  You’ve just got to do what it takes.


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