Fitness industry disconnect

January 16, 2014

It’s seems to me that there’s a huge disconnect between the ‘fitness industry’ and the people they are trying to appeal to.

When I was in the States a couple of years ago a guy called Alwyn Cosgrove said this to me and it’s been with me since.  He was spot on.  Most people walking into gyms or buying fitness ‘products’ don’t know of, or give two shits about, qualifications, training systems, fancy terminology and all of the other stuff that trainers are preoccupied with.

People want the outcome.  They want to look better, feel better and gain confidence for the most part (however this is articulated).  They’re not bothered about the tools, they want the end result.  So why do we keep harping on about systems and personal training biases?

We need to stop talking tools and looking for way to differentiate ourselves and instead start showing people what we can do for them.

This usually starts with asking better questions about them, not telling them about what we do.

It strikes me also that the ‘industry’ will always be on the back foot for so long as trainers keep posting pictures of themselves topless together with pictures of six tupperware boxes complete with chicken, rice and broccoli.

Do me a f*cking favour.

Excuse the profanity, but this is so bleedin’ obvious it drives me to distraction.

For a start, nobody cares what we can do with your most motivated and compliant client (thats us), they are more concerned about what you can do for them.  You know, regular folk with families and lives and goals beyond the squat rack?

Unless our target audience is the small percentage who truly want and need to get into cover model shape, and are prepared to do what it takes, why are we posting pictures of abs and harping on about preparation and priorities?

Do we honestly think that someone with two kids, a job, social commitments and a penchant for red wine is going to ‘prioritise’ the gym?

Yeah, yeah… “I was going to enjoy my life and try and incorporate fitness into it, but on second thoughts, I think I’ll make it the most important thing, my main focus.  I can see it now, you’re right.  I’ll prioritise.  Can you help me get shredded?”

Let’s stop with the bullshit and start meeting people where they’re at now.  Not where we are ten years on.  We can get into abs and tupperware down the line.