“I don’t have time to train’

November 16, 2013

Been a while since I posted as have been knee deep with the exciting relocation of W10, so thought I’d get a quick one up before I head up to Twickenham to see the England team get schooled by the Kiwis!

I’ve had a much needed rest week from cycling and running this week, including only three low-ish volume weight training sessions.  To be honest, it’s been great.  I was starting to feel it after eleven weeks of hard it it training.  I’ve made big improvements, but I was starting to feel the pace.  Anyway, I digress.

I did an upper body focussed session on Tuesday, a lower focussed session on Friday and a full body higher rep session first thing this morning.  I worked fairly honestly in each, but left a little in the tank each time.  No conditioning, just a bit of walking.

In honesty, it’s felt like I haven’t really trained (I usually do ten plus hours). There’s been so little consideration about what and when to fit into my week, which I have to admit has been nice.  No early start tomorrow to go out cycling (which is probably a blessing given today’s game!), no early morning runs and no late nights at the laptop because I took a longer lunch ‘hour’ to get my cycling in.

On top of the training, I haven’t needed to eat as much so I’ve also had the luxury of worrying less about planning my meals and fuelling my training.

It has left me wondering how people struggle to find time to get three sessions in each week and plan three meals each day.  I’m busy, I have two under fives, a wife, a dog, and all of the other trappings of family life, so it’s not like I don’t understand what it’s like.  Maybe it’s because exercise is important to me.

Perhaps at the end of the day, it’s because I don’t view exercise as a burden…