Interval Training for Fat Loss

May 31, 2011

The argument about traditional steady-steady cardio vs higher intensity interval training is still gathering momentum…..

Have a read of this article about interval training that a friend of mine sent me from the Sydney Morning Herald.

As you know I advocate the latter for fat loss.  Why?  Because given the research to date, the goals, and the time constraints of the people that I work with, and perhaps most importantly the results I’ve seen practically, I believe that interval training is more effective for fat loss.

Interval training has certainly proved more time efficient for fat loss.  I appreciate that it’s difficult to rationalise the notion that you can burn more fat by working for a fraction of the time, but it’s all about something known as EPOC, or Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption.  Long story short, when you work at a higher intensity, it’s not just the metabolic acceleration of the workout itself, but the increased metabolic rate for several hours after the workout is completed.  (You burn more calories for longer).  You do not get the same benefits from steady-state cardio training.

So being that time is the biggest roadblock for many of the people I work with, my programs emphasise high intensity interval training over steady-state cardio.  It’s what works best for my clients and their goals.


  1. Ashgan - May 23, 2012 at 3:32 pm -

    The Punching Bag: Although this does have a great potential to burn the most % of body fat, it’s ecinfiefcy entirely depends on the user. If the user mixes it up with kicking combinations, punching combinations, an orchestra of both and well practiced footwork then it can be the most effective. Circuit Training: This depends on the specific exercises involved in the circuit. If the exercises are mixed with mostly compound exercises with added weights, it can be extremely effective; Burpees, the Turkish Get-up, etc. Cardio Interval Training: This one is essential to quickly reducing body fat %. You will get the best results if you do one or two 10 minute sessions of cardio intervals after you have completed your main workout. Using this method with punching bag training and curcuit training every other day, I saw amazing results in 2 weeks. Of course, the prerequisite to any of this producing any results is proper nutrition and sleep.