January madness

January 9, 2013

It’s that time of year again, the post-Christmas bloated and over indulged time where folk are clambering back to fitness in their thousands.  It’s always a bit difficult to gauge from my perspective, as W10 isn’t affected by seasonal fluctuation to quite the same degree as most other gyms, but this year seems to be more manic (if thats the right word) than previous ones.

It’s the first year I’ve been properly engaged (ish) in social media so perhaps thats distorting my view, but there seems to be so much press – particularly radio (heard Matt Roberts’ studio’s being advertised on the radio – must be some marketing/PR budget!) and print – and so many motivational tweets that it’s all a bit suffocating.  God only knows what the public are making of it!

If I’m honest, it suits me commercially (!), but it also does me in.  I don’t know why we go through this every year.  What is it that we in the fitness ‘industry’ are not doing that people keep dipping in and out of fitness and wellbeing.  I recognise that it’s a broader issue that personal trainer and gym failing but it still frustrates!  The quick fix thing is silly.  Perhaps the industry should re-train and reinvent itself as ‘behaviour change specialists’, working with people to build solid habits rather than killing themselves for a month in search of that ever illusive six pack?

We need more transparency.  There’s quite alarming disassociation (in the main) between what the press are featuring and the, what I would regard as, decent trainers are actually doing.  I know, ‘the old stuff works’ line doesn’t sell magazines, but we could do with finding some common ground. Yes, I’ve been featured in a couple of places recently but in each case it’s been honest copy.

We trainers are not always helpful either.  PT’s in some quarters are working so hard to position themselves and stand out in a saturated market that they’re having to come up with all sorts of nonsense which they they call a ‘method’.  In some cases we’ve so over intellectualised some concepts it’s a tad embarrassing.  We have to justify our fee somehow I suppose!

On the flip side, it’s great to see so many people focussing in fitness.  Let’s hope we, the ‘industry’, can influence a few to stay with it beyond March!