Sample fitness & fat loss sessions

May 15, 2013

I’ve been asked a lot about what I’ve been doing to get ‘fit’ for my GOBI multi-marathon event so here’s few sample training things I’ve used for the shorter sessions aimed at getting my ‘fitness’ up.

Combined with regular longer runs (and some cycling/rowing) they’ve been the mainstay of my ‘fitness’ programme since Jan.

They also work wonders for fat loss.

400m repeats 

I started with 200m run/200jog, then 300/100, then 400m’s.  I rested 120s at first, cut it to 90s, and then 60s.  Repeat x 8-10.  This beats you up badly.

Hill Sprints

Circa 40m stretch.  Sprint up, walk down, rest 60s, repeat x 10-12

Tempo run

10mins jog, 7mins hard (circa 85%), 10mins jog, 7mins, 10 jog….. repeat for 4 bouts of 7mins.


1min hard, 1min rest (jump to side if on treadmill or walk if outside), 2mins hard, 1min rest, 3mins hard, 1min, 4min, 1min, 5mins, 1min, 4min, 1min, 3mins, 1min, 2mins, 1min, 1min.

Keep the same speed for each work interval.  Once you can complete the pryramid at a given speed, increase the it.  Not sure the ‘textbook of energy training systems’ would vouch for this one, but I’ve found these very benficial.

The head-fu*k

Go hard for 1min, rest/slow for 1min.  Hard for 1m15s, rest for 1min…… keep the rest to 1min adding 15sec each time until you can’t go again.  Makes for interesting conversations with oneself.  “I can’t…”, “Actually, I probably could… (sigh)”

I’m training for something that’s going to require as much mental strength as it is fitness (more probably), and this has helped me get used to being ‘uncomfortable’.  Again, I’m sure the science of energy systems would question it, but it’s worked for me.