Do whats in front of you

March 13, 2015

Todays training should have been a long ride, which has been put back to tomorrow.  So instead, I went for a run in the mountains.  No plan, no expectations, just an hour and forty minutes to get a sweat on and get amongst it.

No GPS, no water, no gels, no pre-workout anything, unless you count the bit of bread with my tuna salad at lunch, and not a piece of lycra or compression garment in sight.  I did wear pulled up rugby socks, of course.

I ran, jogged and walked hard, mostly uphill, for fifty minutes, did 1000 walking lunges at the top, and then ran and scrabbled back down.  My heart was going like the clappers and my legs were shaking, at times rather precariously, on the way back down.  Job well done.

Made me think about how we often get distracted by details, programmes and plans, when actually, we just need to do what is in front of us sometimes.  I ran hard when I had the urge, which was mainly short hills sprints, jogged a lot of the flats, and slowed up when it was very rocky or I felt out of puff.

I just did what felt right, and it was one of the best ‘workouts’ I’ve had in ages.

Made me think also, that maybe half the problem with the ‘fitness industry’ is that we have lost sight of the fact that training should be about enjoyment, rather than some mis-placed sense of obligation, which is perhaps why people don’t connect with it all…