Starting over (again)

June 19, 2012

Everyone knows that gym time is not optimised (some would go so far as to say wasted) if you’re not following a structured program.  Also, to quote Dan John, only an idiot coaches himself.

Well, of late, I’ve been following no set program and doing ad-hoc sessions as and when I can fit them in.  Sessions usually comprising of the things I want to do, ignoring the things I need to do.

Which, makes me an idiot.

What makes me so especially idiotic is that I spend my time helping people who make exactly these mistakes stop doing so, and therefore I should know better.  Nothing worse than the ‘do as I say, not as I do’ crowd – one I have rather regretfully fallen in with when it comes to training.

So, I’m starting over.

Admittedly, my program will be centred around our W10 Performance 3-4 x per week template – which I’ve had a hand in putting together – but, like nearly every other working parent of young children, the time efficient format works perfectly for me (probably one of the reasons it’s structured like it is…..).

Although I’d love to put together a two a day training schedule which will have me creeping below sub 10% body fat in a six weeks a) I don’t have the time, b) I couldn’t currently recover from a twice a day program, and c) I don’t really give a shit about being sub 10% body fat.

The program looks like this:

Monday – Upper body dominant

Tuesday – Lower body dominant

Wednesday – Off/Yoga – must stretch more…..

Thursday – Boxing/Corrective work (with a coach – I’m not big on cardio and corrective work and he makes me do stuff I need/don’t like)

Friday – Full body

Weekends – Whatever work and family plans allow me to get in.  Maybe another Yoga session – must stretch more…..

Yesterday’s session was:

Movement prep

A. Split Jerk x 3

3 sets

B1. DB Bench Press x 6

B2. Chins x 6

4 sets

C1. Trap bar RDL x 12

C2. SA DB row x 12

C3. Watson (WAG?) bar Triceps Extension x 12

3 sets

D. Trap 3 Prehab work


E. Farmers Walk + Push up finisher


Felt good.

Nutritionally it’s as was (I consistently follow the W10 Food Pyramid).  The only other tweaks I make are with carbs – a few more on Tuesday and Fridays, post workout carbs mainly on Monday and Thursday and low carb on non-training days. Can’t be arsed with counting – keep it simple.