Training log #2

March 5, 2015

16wks out from Elbrus trip (and a potentially extreme challenge in mid April), the goal is to drop some size (yes, a want to get smaller), reduce body fat and improve endurance.  I have been a bit of a party animal of late, a few too many late nights and beers, which needs to be reigned in over the next few weeks.

The aim is to train five or six times per week, until the rugby season finishes (probably a month away, depending on whether we progress out of our region), at which point I’ll up the frequency and/or duration of some sessions.

Training is a mixture of bike intervals, boxing, strongman training and a free weights, with a rugby game on a Sunday (training on Weds if I can make it too).

Today’s workout was simple Wattbike session, but a tough one after only four hours sleep.

15mins warm up, zone 2

15mins, upper zone 3

5mins rest

Repeat x 3

15mins cool down (which I skipped, due to time constraints)

Tomorrow, I’m hoping to get two training blocks in.