Training log #3 plus 1m km Row

March 5, 2015

Training today was a full body resistance programme.

Warm up (hips mobility, glute activation and band pullaparts mainly)

A1. DB Step Up x 10ea

A2. Glute/ham raise x 10

A3. Reverse Hyper x 15

Repeat x 4

B1. DB Press x 10

B2. Seated Row x 10

B3. Ab Wheel Roll Out x 15

B4. Leg Lowers x 15

Repeat x 4

C1. 45 DB flyes

C2. Side lying DB lateral raise x 10ea

C3. Paused single Arm DB Row x 10ea

C4. Standing Band Row to Ext Rotation x 10

C5. Seated Rope Face Pull x 15

Repeat x 3

I finished with a 5km row at a 1:55/500m pace.  Why?  Because of Joel Snape and his nudge towards the 1,000,000km row challenge, which I’ll complete this year.

Here’s the link:

How does this work out?  Simple.

There are 44 training weeks left this year, lets call it 40 to account for weeks away.

1,000,000 / 40 = 25,000km, which is what I need to complete each week.

Lets say I do five days, thats 5km per day, job done.

Which is a reminder that small blocks really do add up to a shit load of work over an extended period, something that most of us forget.