Training log: w/c 16th March  

March 25, 2015

Monday – Upper body

Only had 30mins, but got a decent back and shoulder workout in.

A1. Seated Press x 10

A2. Lean Away Lat pulldown x 12

A3. Horizontal Back Ext x 15


B1. DB Lateral raise x 10

B2. Seated Face Pull x 15

B3. Seated Horizontal Row x 10

B4. Reverse Walkouts x 8 x 5s hold


Tuesday – Watt bike intervals

This session was sickening. I started out intending to do two 10 x 30:30 interval block, with ten minutes in between, but I felt really good and just went for it. It took me a good ten minutes to get off the floor.

10min warm up

50 x 30:30 @ 420-440 Watts (100watts recovery)

Lie down.

Wednesday – Off

Thursday – Lower body

A1. Step Up x 10ea

A2. Walking Lunge x 10ea

A3. Prowler push x 40m

A4. Glute / Ham raise x 10

A5. Reverse hyper x 15

X 5

Friday – Watt bike intervals

10min warm up

45:75 x 10 @450-70watts

Saturday – Full body

500kcal airdyne (30mins)

A1. DB Walking lunges x 10

A2. Bear crawl + push up 40m


B1. DB Shoulder Press x 10

B2. V-Handle horizontal row x 10


C1. Seated DB Lateral raise x 10

C2. Seated Rope Face x 15


Sunday – Off