Telegraph Online feature

July 18, 2013

Mention in today’s Telegraph Online ‘How to choose a Fitness Bootcamp’ feature:

“If your intentions for a better body have been stopped in their tracks because you can’t separate the good from the bad when it comes to bootcamps then we don’t blame you.

Confused? You deserve to be, because for every bootcamp that would get your body into better shape, there is another not-quite-so-perfect-for-you bootcamp waving a ‘new body’ carrot at the end of the confusing stick.

So how you do shop for your perfect bootcamp plan? Forget celebrity endorsements, money off schemes and flashy websites, this is the real bootcamp checklist you should be looking at before signing along the training line, says top trainer Jean Claude Vacassin of W10 Performance. Because promises, price and promotions aside if it doesn’t suit you, it won’t suit your body…..”

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