Welcome back to a health club

April 4, 2012

We’ve just moved house and for the first time in a long time I’m doing some of my training in a ‘mainstream’ gym.  I thought I’d hate it, but in truth I’ve actually been enjoying the solitude and ‘me time’ that a pair of head phones brings – something I don’t often get at W10.

Now, it’s been a while since I’ve worked out in a ‘health’ club and I had genuinely forgotten how farcical some of the sh1t that goes on is.  For a start, this is whats immediately outside of the double doors that lead in and out of the gym…..

Anyone for pre/post workout nutrition?

WTF?  No wonder people are confused.

Then there’s the equipment.  All of the cardio equipment, light weights, stretch mats and the one (very tatty) foam roller are upstairs in the ‘womens gym’.  The rest of the free weights and assorted fixed equipment is downstairs in the ‘mens section’ (no rack, one solitary barbell, no posterior chain equipment, no differing small bars etc).

Really?  So let me get this right…..

Women need more cardiovascular fitness and don’t need to do any strength training (just in case they ‘bulk up’…..).  Men on the other hand don’t need the same cardiovascular training as their female counterparts and mobility and flexibility is also unimportant for men, as is corrective or pre-hab exercise, hence no equipment/space to do either downstairs.  DO. ME. A. FAVOUR.

As for the training, I’m not one for badmouthing other trainers – we’re all in this together – but let’s just say that the training is different to how we would go about it in W10 (we no longer use the sit-and-reach and peak flow meter as part of our evaluation).  Although, credit must go where credit is due, they’ve a chipper bunch who are good with the members – something you don’t see in many health clubs.

Overall, it’s been a start reminder about the state of the fitness industry.  As a whole we need to do better.  Most people are not getting access to the best information in the best training environments and we need to change.  Otherwise people are going to continue to be frustrated with their lack of results.