You don’t need a bespoke programme.

March 25, 2015

There was a time when I thought that the key to getting results was in designing the perfect programme.

It’s not.  It took time to admit this, but with the exception of the injured, those with specific conditions or the athletic elite, a well-managed general programme, that is challenging and varied, is all that people need to get results.

I often hear people who are out of shape with limited training experience question the fact that their programme is not perfect, or not designed for their specific needs. It absolutely does not need to be.  Stop getting distracted by the decoys and overcomplicating stuff and just do the work.

In fact, give me two people with similar starting points and general fitness goals and give one a totally bespoke programme and the other a personalised general fitness programme, you’ll see very similar outcomes, assuming that they both work their arses off.

The fact of the matter is that programme itself is far less important than the level of application. I don’t care who wrote it and whether it’s technically perfect, if you don’t do the work, you won’t see results. It’s pretty simple.

I’m not saying that programming isn’t important, it is. But the person who takes a mediocre programme and beats the shit out of it, will always see better results than (s)he who sweats the minor details and then proceeds to fart-arse about half-heartedly in the gym.

Personalised, periodised and progressive programming is important, this isn’t Crossfit (smiles wryly), but 99% of regular gym-goers are no better off for a completely bespoke programme.  They just don’t need it.