You need to earn your biceps curls

June 19, 2011

Training in a ‘health’ club this week whilst I’m away has been interesting.  I’ll admit that I have an aversion to these big box gyms so I’m unlikely to paint a rosy picture, but I had genuinely forgotten some of the stupid sh1t people do when they workout!

Above all else, I’d forgotten how much isolation training people do.  I’m not sure how many (poorly executed) biceps curls and triceps press-downs I’ve seen over the last couple of days for example, but it’s a lot.  And the majority of these have been done by slighter guys obviously looking to add some muscle mass.  Thats the wrong approach.

Let me get this off my chest…..Get strong first and then worry about doing the assistance work. (Thats better).  Sure, chuck in the odd cheeky drop set at the end of your workout, but don’t emphasise direct arm work until you can do heavy rows, bodyweight chin ups and press ups first.  You have to earn it.



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  3. Mario - March 8, 2012 at 12:47 am -

    Great summer plan! And way to be hsoent and know that you will hate summer training so to just avoid it. I am not trying to be condescending I think that is good! Running in the summer sucks so bad. I am really hoping I get used to it this summer (I don’t have a problem waking up but suck at running in the heat) but if I don’t, I think I should avoid a fall marathon for 2012!All day conferences? BARF! I hope Harrison is good at staying awake during those!