Month: October 2015

Telegraph feature: How to supercharge your workout

Feature in last weeks Telegraph online – How to Supercharge your workouts. “Two of the most commonly asked questions in fitness are “what exercise is best for….” and “how many reps should I do”, both of which are valid, although perhaps not as important as people may have us believe, when it comes to general […]

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Chicken shit soup

I’m getting an increasing amount of personal trainers reaching out to me asking if I do consultations and mentorship programmes for gym owners.  Which is great, as people are getting off their arses and having a go, but I fear that as an industry we are walking on shaky ground. As an aside, the fact […]

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Opening an independent gym

The independent gym market is starting to take a chunk out of the main fitness industry players.  Which is a good thing.  It’s great that people with a genuine passion for the industry – and for helping people – are starting to come to the fore. It’s what the industry needs; a move away from […]

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