Month: January 2017

Sport Magazine feature: Resolution Rules

Expert trainer and owner of W10 Performance gym Jean-Claude Vacassin talks New Year resolutions, and launches his four-week guide to getting back on the fitness wagon. “I’ve been around for enough ‘New Year, New You’ cycles to have a fair idea of what’s working and what isn’t. Overall, I’m pro-January and the new start it offers […]

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Harper’s Bazaar Feature

OUR LATEST FEATURE… REPLACE THE DAMAGING SHOCK TACTICS OF GYM WORK-OUTS WITH A GENTLER APPROACH TO EVERYDAY LIFE, TO KEEP YOURSELF TRIM AND ACTIVE. The problem with many extreme modern work-out regimes is that, rather than nourishing your body, they actually deplete energy and can cause adrenalin to surge, so that immunity, sleep, stress levels […]

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