Month: October 2017

Health And Fitness Mag Feature: The best moves to create a good posture

This month, expert trainer Jean-Claude Vacassin, owner of W10 Gym, talks us through the best moves to create a good posture. 1. BAT WINGS BENEFITS: As the largest muscles in your arms, the triceps are responsible for the most upper-body definition. With this targeted routine, you’ll not only feel the burn in your arms, you’ll […]

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The Guardian Feature: ‘It’s intoxicating – I became obsessed’: has fitness gone too far?

Lisa Andrews was looking for a quick fitness fix. The 34-year-old had “a bit of weight to lose” a year after having her first baby and, being both time-poor and on a budget, she decided to do it with the help of an online 12-week training programme she’d seen advertised on Facebook. “There were hundreds […]

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